The worry website av Jacqueline Wilson

Det har varit ganska mycket Jacqueline Wilson här på Boksystrar, men det här är en recension jag använde till ett bokföredrag på engelskan för ett tag sedan. Engelska är inte mitt starkaste ämne, men jag hoppas den är okej... ^^


This book is a little bit different. It's eight chapters and we meet different persons in each of them. It's a school class where the children are about 11 years old. Their teacher, Mr. Speed, sets up a website for the class. There they can type in their worrys anonymously and get answers from their classmates.
So, each of the students have a problem. Holly is afraid, 'cause she thinks she's going to get a stephmother, Greg likes a girl, but how could he say it to her? Claire have nightmares and William thinks he's useless at everything.

I've red lots of books by Jacqueline Wilson because she's a very good writer, but honestly, I'm not so impressed by this one. I think it's boring to read about different persons all the time, I want to know the charakters better!
Most of the chapters end in a very predictable way, it's always happy ends.
The good thing is that it's a very easy book to read. It's short, only about 120 pages, and with big text. I also like the illustrations by Nick Sharratt.

Betyg: 3/5