The butterfly tattoo by Philip Pullman

[Detta blir en liten träning inför mitt engelskaföredrag då jag ska recensera boken]
Genre: drama
Pages: 185, paperback
The butterfly tattoo is a book I've wanted to read for some time, mostly because I wanted to see if there is more by Philip Pullman than "The golden compass" for which he is most famous. 
I was not disappointed! Philip Pullman writes in a very special way, very catchy and easy to live in to. The story is very well planned and every little action seems to have a purpose. 
The book is about Chris Marshall, who has a holiday job as an assistant to the electrician Barry Miller. He likes his boss, and he likes his job... but of course, he goes and falls in love. It's little Jenny, Jenny with the short, slim dark hair, mysterious, gorgeous Jenny. Everything seems to be fine for a while, but then there's action. There is Irish mafia - in which Chris gets involved through Barry Miller - there are doubts and there is this one story, told differently every time so that the reader doesn't know what to believe.
I love this book. It's so well written, it has such an exciting story... I really couldn't let go of it. Philip Pullman truly did a good job with this one! By the end it gets almost overly exciting and i read it gasping with fear of what would happen. 
The end is literally heart-breaking. I won't spoil anything, but the reader sort of realizes something that the main character doesn't, and it's - as I said - heart-breaking. 
Speaking as a student, I thought the book was relatively easy to read, I guess it depends on how interested you are and how much you concentrate. But if one does that, one easily gets the "flow" in the reading, stops caring about the language and gets absorbed by the beautiful writing. 
I have nothing but good to say about this book - perhaps that it's too short - and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Rating: 5 out of 5! It's really a favourite.
An excerpt from the book:

Chris knew she wasn't telling him all the truth. She was more complicated than that, and surely she wasn't as naive as she made herself out to be. Still, he didn't challenge her; whatever she said was better than the truth, because she was saying it.
He'd never met a girl remotely like her before. Her face was full of the innocent, alarmed vulnerability he'd seen that night by the lake, and her fragile-seeming bones, her slender arms and hands, made him want to protect her like a baby. He was very conscious of his size, his muscels, his clumsiness beside her.
And at the same time her voice and the way she spoke seemed to be the opposite of innocent. She sounded sophisticated; but not hard - wordly-wise; but not cynical - mocking; but still kind. She simply seemed much more grown-up than he felt."

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