Molly Moon stops the world av Georgia Byng

Nyligen hade jag engelskaföredrag om boken Molly Moon stops the world, så jag tänker lägga upp min recension här:


This is the second book about the orphan Molly Moon. In the first one, she learned how to hypnotize. In this book, she learns how to stop the world, as the title tells us.

Molly's world has changed. Now she lives around people she trusts and loves. She has promised not to hypnotize for her personal gain, but when her friend Lucy, who is a librarian, asks her to stop the most powerful hypnotist in the world, she finds out that her crafts could be helpful. Molly is satisfied with her new life and don't want to risk it, but soon she can't ignore the task, to stop the mad hypnotist.

main characters:

* Molly Moon

* Rocky, Molly's best friend

* Petula, Molly's dog

*  Primo Cell, the most powerful hypnotist in the world

* Sinclair, Primo's son

My opinion:

This book caught me already in the beginning. It's told in a fast tempo, and it's always exciting. It's quite thick, about 350 pages, but I read it very fast. It's not so difficult to understand.

The best character is Petula, Molly's dog, 'cause she's funny and smart. I unfortunately don't like Molly so much. Everything she does is so good and brave, I get tired of it.

The solutions are really brilliant and very unexpected, but maybe a bit improbable. But well - it's just a book, and anything could happen!

I won't spoil the end, but I think it's confusing...

Read this book if you like happy endings and want to hear a sweet story. You don't have to read the first book.


I would rate the book 4 out of 5.


Läste den här när jag var yngre, älskade den!

2013-01-20 / 12:48:38

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